Bjerkensjö&From is a Danish production and booking company, who has worked in the commercial industry since 2001. Their dancers have danced in shows all over the world and modeled for big brands like Puma.
NORDAHL.STUDIO has worked closely with Bjerkensjö&From on production sites and has been a big part of their visual strategy on all SOME platforms.  

The idea behind was to create a modern website with surprising elements you don’t normally see on a production website. Since the website can be considered a large portfolio of their dancers and models, it was important to show them off in a “natural” way while still making it interesting for the common eye. The website is also a page where Bjerkensjö&From showcases their current and previous productions through the years. It was, therefore, important to create an easy division for potential customers, without causing any unnecessary clutter for the viewer. 

RETAKE.STUDIO’s videographer, Katrine Nordahl, has been the main creative eye on set with Bjerkensjö&From. Together they have shared their creative ideas and brought many to life. RETAKE.STUDIO has been crafting for Bjerkensjö&From all from concept videos to social media content. 

The concept video “Selvtillid” was a collaboration with Bjerkensjoe & From and Universal Studios Denmark for a danish music artist called Natasja, who no longer is with us, as a tribute.
The location was in an old bunker in the center of Copenhagen where there were many different rooms to create different scenes.
The concept was showing of amazing choreography with some professional dancers and videography that would showcase the concept in the best way possible.

RETAKE.STUDIO was hired to create a full concept video with choreography from Didde-Mie From and dancers from Bjerkensjoe & From. The concept was to make the audience feel entertained and create a tribute for the amazing danish artist Tessa. 

The logo was adjusted when we started designing the website to create coherence between the website and the logo. Due to the untraditional name, it was important that the logo created a clear message about who Bjerkensjö&From are and what they do.