Copenhagen Dance Space is a dance school where everything is possible. RETAKE.STUDIO has been a part of the whole 360° view for their evening school and full-time dance education. We have been a part of making their many projects come to life, but also making the school more international. Our biggest focus in all of our content creations was making the brand more international for future projects. 

The promotion was all about the international aspect and making the danish dancers cross the Danish borders, but also making the international students enter the danish borders.

Copenhagen Dance Space got a full makeover and rebranding when RETAKE.STUDIO got involved. Since the start of our collaboration, Copenhagen Dance Space has grown and now needs the website to be in Danish and English because of their growth on the international market. The website has from the beginning focussed a lot on the international aspect of the design to match their business plan. 

RETAKE.STUDIO was hired to design their new app coming in 2022. In collaboration with MindBody the app will be ready in 2022 and designed to fit their brand. 

Alongside Copenhagen Dance Space there is a 10-month education, and it was very important that the platform had its own world, but with a connection to Copenhagen Dance Space.

The education has existed for many years but needed its own visual universe. It involved a new website, a new style of video content, photos, and social media strategy.

The campaign has been running since October 2021 with an international focus. 

Before the campaign: 

  • 32 students
  • 50% internationals

After the campaign:

  • 46 students – First time ever sold out.
  • 95% internationals
  • Start-up of new education and studio due to the high demand. 

I don’t know about you, but we would call that a success. 

The goal for the website was simplicity with a twist of new and urban. It had to be very user-friendly and easy to navigate so the audience can feel comfortable.
The design plays with three colors thats also shown through the photoshoot that was made specifically for this purpose.

The style for the photoshoot was urban with a flashy look and using the three colors to make everything melt together.

The logo that was created needed simplicity like the website.
The education will establish more educations in London and LA, so here is where the “#” comes in handy. The “#” is representing where the education is taking place.

The last element of the Copenhagen Dance Education universe was the SOME platform.
An important element to their Instagram was to create a look that visually combines the social media to the website so the connection between those two platforms was clear.

Creating a world outside of the dance studio was the goal. To entertain people and to teach the students the dedication of a big project where the combination of dance, fashion, and expression was created.
To make the audience feel excited about what’s to come and take them on an adventure.

This specific project was to create 9 different worlds and make each one their own yet combined.

The videographers’ job was to capture a full 45 min one-take with all the right moments that makes the story and dancers stand out. The understanding of each of the 9 worlds was an important aspect for the videographer to be able to capture the choreography in the right way, to end up with an amazing final product.

Watch the full live stream here. 

As a part of Copenhagen Dance Space platform, Instagram plays a very big role.
On the platform, everything from future programs, shows, classes, international teachers flying in to teach to visual content in terms of video and photography is being podcasted through their platform.
So it is very important to always inform the audience correctly and to keep them entertained. All of this has been done through visual flyers, videos, and through their Instagram story.